The Happiness Project

Tovah// Tovina Zivot

Originally from Toronto, Canada. Currently resides in Bloomington, IN


I am a pretty happy person so i need to think.., I really pined after my boyfriend before we started dating.  In high school, he acted very differently than he does now in that he was really shy and had low self esteem, but something about him really sparked my interest. I asked him out a couple of times. He said no, and when I was 17, I don't know why, but the timing just worked, and we had a blissful couple of months before we started dating. This time felt like the first time the reciprocation was really genuine. One night especially stands out in my head as blissfully happy. It was winter and really snowy and it was New Year’s Eve and we didn't have sex but we are alone, and in high school that is a bigthat’s a big deal, and we were just holding each other, before we went out, like 10:30, and I just felt so comfortable and safe and so sure. Even though it was very early in our dating, i was so sure, so smitten. After all the time so wanted to talk to him it felt so right.We’ve been together for four years and want to spend the rest of our lives together. We are ver different than when we were 17, but we’ve grown and change together. 

Chen// Chen Schffer

born and raised: Netanya, Israel


So I love to explore some places in nature, isolate, peaceful, water, sitting on the grass drinking green tea and hula hoop next to feet because we just hooped. some of my grandmas’s snacks . I was with my friend, my “nature buddy”. I think I am happy when I am comfortable with my friends and dancing. 

Jenna// Jenna Reis

Rooted in Cincinnati, OH


In the crispy cold waterfalls in Ashevile connor and I were together.

Lauren// Lauren Millington

Born and raised: New Zealand

Happiest when eating chocolate with people 

Hadas// Hadas Silver

born and raised: Netanya, Israel

I feel happy when I am surrounded with people I love and people who make me feel loved. I am even happier when that happens when I am home. I felt blissfully happy on my birthday when I went out with my family and extended family and I felt so lucky to have them in my life, and I just felt so happy.

Carmel// Carmel David

born and raised: Netanya, Israel

I feell happy after I workout. I have been away from home for a long time and I listened to my childhood songs and I was dancing and singing with my friends.