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About me

Who am I?

I am here for the experiences- all of them-living and learning with my camera by my side.

The power of photography constantly amazes me, for there is nothing else in the world that can elicit such raw emotion on command. Photos are a time capsule connecting us to our memories, experiences, and people. Have you ever looked at a photo, and felt yourself become overwhelmed by a certain emotion? Because, yeah me too, and I love that!

We live in a world of images, and consciously or not these images are shaping us. It our responsibility, as photographers and human beings, to use the camera to savor life’s beautiful moments, to create content that evokes empathy and to share thought provoking ideas and stories.


My Photography Style

In this short lifetime, I believe that photography is one way to make your mark on the world. I capture the ephemeral and seek out the natural beauty in my subjects. From experience, I have learned that life’s most beautiful moments come from the unexpected- whether that be the wrong turns that lead to quiet moments in nature or a solo trip where you meet your best friend. It is with this same mindset that I approach my photoshoots. I want to capture you in your element, whether that means twirling and dancing in the mountains, channeling your inner goddess, or simply interacting with your loved one(s). I’m determined to execute the vision and share your story; therefore, we must live ambitiously and channel that vivacious energy into our photos. This will be our mark on our visual world. 


P.S. (random other things about me)

I am a helio-maniac (aka I love the sun!)


Travel makes me feel alive. (next bucket list destination: New Zealand)   


Words to live by:

"Whatever is good for the soul- do that"

"Life begins on the edge of your comfort zone"

"Fascinated by soul, depth, intellect, rebellion with cause, love without conditions, music that makes you feel different.. the stuff that matters"