Travel Diary: Iceland 2017


Although the phrase, “go the extra mile” sounds simple, repetitive even, it wasn't until Iceland that I realized how much truth the saying holds.


   Day one of adventuring brought us to Glymur falls, Iceland’s second biggest waterfall located about an hour’s drive from Reykjavik. This four mile hike will lead you up to the top of a mountain and made me feel as if I had been transported from Earth to planet Iceland.

   While climbing, I’d take the occasional glance up from my sacred hiking boots to notice the snow capped mountains appearing larger and closer, and felt the onset of an intangible feeling of serenity. 

   Atop Glymur Falls, I take refuge from the wind that whips through the air like a high speed train. Although I feel content watching a rainbow fade in and out over the waterfall the summit lingers, so I push through and walk just a little higher because it is worth it, always. 

 Why is it worth it you may ask…here are a few reasons: 


   Life begins on the edge of your comfort zone. Knowing your limits and pushing them (to a healthy level) facilitates personal growth and gives one a confidence boost like no other.


  Do it for yourself, your badass self has nothing to prove to anybody else. You deserve to feel good because your mind and body collaborated beautifully to accomplish a goal, and in turn facilitated personal growth. You gave yourself the opportunity to change your perspective and endure a little pain for awe- striking views and the feeling of being alive and healthy and fully in the world. It wasn't given to you, you created this opportunity for yourself, and this feeling proves addictive, pushing you to see more of the world and yourself.

Julia Mattis