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I am going to try something different here, because my mind is a jumble of ideas that want to surface, but just can’t stay afloat.

What happened to the NOW?

               We dream and dedicate time towards the future, but how do we balance savoring the NOW?

Traveling makes me feel most alive.

But why is that?

It is because I AM IN AWE.

Because… I notice the little things, I roll with the punches, I savor the people who surround me, I embrace the differences, I rough it, I feed my adventurous soul, I reflect on my day, I try new things, I feel freedom blowing my hair.

Now, I think…. Is there a reason I cannot practice these mantras in my daily life?


There truly is no reason why I cannot live my life as if I am a tourist in my own city.

I do not need a plane ticket to be happy. I am impossibly lucky. Life’s lottery gave me the most supportive family, and I could not be more fortunate for their unconditional love. 

At the same time, I have a restless heart. I aspire to experience it all, because the more you learn the more you realize how little you know. 

(Experience is learning, and learning is growing.)

Travel elicits all the emotion that only motion can draw out.

Travel taught me the beauty in the journey.

You open your mind and your heart, and travel expands your world. 

Let us practice gratitude for our experiences, and continue to feed our inner explorer by living as a tourist. Vowing to make a conscious effort to notice the little things in the day-to-day.

Julia Mattis