"Beautiful, Ephemeral Beings"

Summit of Mount Whitney, 14,500 ft. July 27, 2017

Summit of Mount Whitney, 14,500 ft. July 27, 2017

To describe one’s soul seems like an impossible task; therefore, I attempt to describe the moments that I noticed myself not thinking about anything except the present- moments of laughter, dialogue, banter. 

I find it interesting, because when reminiscing upon these memories, I recall a feeling of being outside my body- I felt like my soul was speaking. . Perhaps my 23 day backpacking trip evokes these memories the strongest because I hadn't looked in a mirror in 20 days, thus had no option except to disregard my appearance. Reflecting upon this makes me realize that the emphasis that we (people) place on our bodies carries an absurdly heavy weight. Lately, a specific line that describes our bodies as, “beautiful, ephemeral beings with a temporary existence” resurfaces in my brain. This line resonates, for it further justifies the importance of taking care of our temporary bodies by fueling them with sustaining and healthy food, adequate rest, and physical exercise. Giving the body some TLC should not be a reward, but the standard, for each individual is much more than what dresses the body. Imagine the carefree life adolescents can live if we as a society preach the importance of viewing the amazing body as a vehicle of expression. Not only does our body physically transport us from location A to B, but it also acts as a carrier for ideas, joy, and laughter. Our soul depends on the body for creating memories, building relationships, impacting lives and gaining inspiration. 

Truly, the relationship between soul and body is an indescribable, yet amazing feat. 

Julia Mattis