Creative Thoughts

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*note that these creative thoughts are not my own words, but words that resonate.

"No man ever steps into the same river twice, for it is not the same river and he's not the same man." - Heraclitus

“Human experience is the ultimate source and justification for all knowledge. Experience itself has accumulated in human memory and culture, gradually producing the methods of intelligence called ‘reason’ and ‘science.'” —John Shook, Free Inquiry

Travel shows us who we are, what we value, and what we long for. Traveling with others can strip away the excess, the niceties, the added padding we put on so many of our proclamations. The open road and confined spaces have a special way of exposing still-tender wounds and forgotten scars. Old memories are remembered as new ones are being made. No adventure comes without its fair share of heartache. No journey is complete without surrendering what was for what is becoming.

“Love and new experiences, those are the things that drive me in this life.”

We live in a world of images. Images have replaced language - and reading. The responsibility to your role in history in whatever is going to happen to human beings- you are the new writers. And we can no longer be sloppy with what we do with the camera. You have this weapon in your hands, which is a camera, and it is going to teach the world, it is going to record the world, and it is going to explain to the world and to the children that are coming- what that world was like. It is an incredible responsibility. -  RICHARD AVEDON

"let us go see the world, live beautifully, dream passionately, and love completely.”

Travel is teaching me ways of living and thinking I haven’t been able to learn on other paths in my life and it’s growing me up into a better person with each flight and each new discovery.

That balance and polarity in all things is what helps achieve harmonious experiences and relationships with ourselves and, therefore, others.

Vibe /vīb/ noun: A person’s emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others.

I am a lover of moments -I love looking back at old pictures and that rush of all the memories that come with it, and I love giving that to others, the comfort of having special times in your lives forever documented in a photograph.

Stay woke!

A core belief within the ancient science of Ayurveda — you can become an attractive force through the power of self-love and self-care.  In order to become more magnetic, we have to become more receptive and loving.

It is all that matters at the end of the day. After all, aren’t we all just searching to love and be loved in some shape or form. Fall in love with the way the sun hits the leaves. Fall in love over and over again because it feels good. Fill your life up with gratitude and love for the simple things.

“The great benefit of slowing down is reclaiming the time and tranquility to make meaningful connections--with people, with culture, with work, with nature, with our own bodies and minds”

When you’re photographing people’s lives you need to imprint some of their personality on that photo, even as far as the editing.

There’s something about shooting on film that gives an image such character. It’s clean and crisp, yet moody. You never know what you are going to get; one click and you advance the film, leaving the image unseen until it’s processed. Such an element of surprise is incorporated that it makes each image a bit more special.

The happy accidents of light leaks or unintentional double exposures, the importance of letting go of what you cannot control, and the mystery of not knowing exactly what you captured on film until you get it developed. You simply cannot know exactly how wine or vinegar or salt water will affect a specific roll of film on a certain day over a given period of time – and there is such beauty in embracing that unknowability, in allowing yourself to let go of expectations, and just have fun.

Travel ignites a fire; the more we see, the more we want to see, the more we learn, the more we want to learn. Education and exploration are contagious, a happy hunger that builds the more you feed it.  And like travel, yoga is a beautiful quest: The joy is in the learning, the trial and error, the contemplation, the movement and the moment.

Her uniqueness came from her enlightenment through travel. She spoke in other languages, slept under stars and rode each wave with the kind of ease reserved only for those who truly understand life. She shared life with people millions of miles away

 ‘life is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.‘” – Aubrie

I always love shooting, because I see the body as a tool for artistic expression. It's liberating to just BE, to top that, being totally immersed and at the hands of the elements just makes you feel crazy good.

“Smell has a big effect on visitors to the museum, because smell is linked to memory. Smell enhances the sense of reality, and smell enhances emotions,” says Verbeek.

I chose to shoot mostly film for this catalog.  Our brains store memories in a human and basically unreliable way; we remember feelings and not facts which is why a smell can take us back to childhood in an instant. I feel like film is closest to memories, it reads light like our eyes do.  You’re purely in that moment without digital screens or over-thinking. There’s a hint of grain and warmth—an organic naturalness to it all that seems right for conveying a dream trip with a group of friends. 

Nature is a masterpiece. It is art’s inspiration. It is love simplified. It is curiosity’s king.
Beyond that, nature teaches us about ourselves – our aspirations and complexities. Albert Einstein once said, “look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.”
What humans need more than ever is to embrace our humanity, to embrace our tremendous capacity to feel, our ability to imagine and create new possibilities, to cultivate our connective and collaborative power. We cannot solve the problems of climate change, racism, sexism, bigotry, poverty, violence and hatred with the same minds that created them. To solve the problems of our world we need artistic, creative and collaborative vision to see what is possible, what can we become.
To be an artist is to help a world turning numb come alive with feeling once again. It is to envision new possibilities and solutions to the world’s greatest problems. It is to spread empathy, compassion and connection in the face of disconnection and discrimination. To be an artist goes beyond usefulness; it is essential to the very nature of our humanity.

photography… a way to see it new

Julia Mattis