Dear "Crazy Girl"


Dear Crazy Girl

My gal, I do not know exactly what your day by day life looks like right now, but to a certain extent I understand that life just spun 180 degrees.

You IMMERSED yourself into the unknown. 

You flooded your system with new stimulation.

You choose to leave the comforts and familiarity of your friends and family to dive right into a foreign situation, because you know that the reward will outweigh the risk. Deep down you knew that this experience would push you to your limits, but that's why you sought this out! Something intangible deep inside your heart drives you in the direction of the unknown; therefore, some will call you crazy, but they don't understand. Theses people are not ignorant; instead, it's that you, "crazy girl,” are unique. You are not content being comfortable, for you have seen that the world is much larger and more diverse than the bubble that we live in day to day. 


You possess this fiery curiosity to feel what others who live different lives feel. Embrace this this beautiful and powerful curiosity, and when someone calls you crazy, smile and nod knowing that deep down this is a compliment. You are different than most, and you crave the unknown because you have learned through experience that the most beautiful moments result from serendipity- the times when you diving head first into the deep end results in a feeling as rewarding as a runner’s high.

Just like in diving, remember the following:

1.) Feeling nervous is okay.

2.) Sometimes, you will hit the water awkwardly, and it will hurt. You know how to swim, so as soon as your head submerges into the cool water your instincts will takeover. You will kick and fight until your head resurfaces and you breathe air. In those moments of struggle it is important to remember that you are alive and breathing- and that right there is a gift in its own. 

3.) Rewarding times will present themselves, like when you confidently approach the board and spring effortlessly into the air. In that moment of flow you aren't thinking, you are just doing, and when your body makes contact with the water it feels as smooth as slicing into sponge cake. Resurfacing with a giant grin, staring straight up into the blue sky, feeling one with Earth floods your brain with some beautiful endorphins, and this feeling-however it manifests itself- is what drives the crazy.

Embrace the crazy-Julia

Julia Mattis